EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF – Version 1.2.1 released

Try out our newest version of EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF 1.2.1 for free!

EB robinos is a comprehensive, hardware-agnostic framework for highly-automated driving (HAD) systems. Using EB robinos lets you control and manage the increasing complexity of HAD systems and bring them to market quickly.

EB robinos provides a software framework with open interfaces and software modules. The modular and scalable approach integrates customer or third-party software with ease, accelerates and optimizes your of HAD system development.

This release now supports:

  • EB robinos for Embedded Linux to provide Linux software modules for state-of-the-art HAD development and use.
  • EB robinos Object Fusion that provides a software component for object hypothesis based sensor fusion. It enables the system to provide information on moving obstacles, such as vehicles and other traffic participants. It can be used to combine sensor data, which are retrieved from multiple sensors, for a consistent view.

The EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF modules can be experienced in the trial version on your own machine. You will find example configurations for a hands-on experience.

Visit www.try-eb-robinos.com for your free EB robinos download.

Learn more about EB robinos here.