EB Assist Network simulation

rest bus simulation tool

Configure and generate your ECU rest bus simulation

Following a successful software development process, we support you with EB Assist Network simulation for testing your electronic control unit (ECU) software during the implementation stage. When software developers want to start up an ECU while the other ECUs in the network aren’t yet available, our rest bus simulation solution mirrors the behavior of the missing ECUs so you can get on with the project. EB Assist Network simulation supports all established bus systems, including Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, and LIN, and is open to further extensions.

Also, EB Assist Network simulation is ready to use for automated ECU testing for:

  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL)
  • End of Line support
  • Development-related tests (ECU Testing)
  • Host based RBS (HW benefits, scalable, support of real time systems), Virtual Bus

We can customize our solutions with your hardware needs.


Supports all common automotive bus systems

EB Assist Network simulation is fully compatible with EB Assist bus tools products, allowing the automatic generation of simulations for rest buses and integration into the host system through the open automation interface.

Easy handling

A guided workflow with step-by-step user instructions and editor views for signals, PDUs, frames, and network parameters available.

Simulate multiple ECUs at the same time

Ability to imitate large clusters of multiple ECUs and emulate complex protocols with only a few clicks.

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