EB’s hardware-specific security

EB zentur – security you can rely on.


Microcontroller-specific software to enable the hardware security features and abstract to the higher level basic software.


Accelerated cryptographic calculations

Parallel execution of hardware-accelerated cryptographic calculations speeds up the entire process.



Hardware trust anchor

EB’s software in the trusted execution environment provides a secure key storage and monitors the host cores.


Maximum flexibility regarding hardware options

Abstractions of cryptographic calculations to the upper software layers ensure hardware independence.



EB zentur HSM Firmware

EB’s complete firmware software stack for a Hardware Security Module (HSM) implements security algorithms utilizing hardware acceleration mechanisms.


  • Request dispatcher
  • Key management
  • Cryptographic hardware acceleration
  • Cryptographic software algorithms
  • Secure boot
  • Secure storage
  • Custom features


EB zentur Crypto Driver for hardware

The driver implements the interface into hardware acceleration modules HSM. It abstracts the cryptographic calculation to the upper software layers and allows seamless integration into EB tresos AutoCore.


  • Implementation according to AUTOSAR 4.3
  • Communication with HSM firmware
  • Configurable with EB tresos Studio
  • Flexible combination with EB tresos Crypto Driver Software
  • Available for EB zentur HSM Firmware or alternative HSM implementations


EB zentur CryShe

Driver software for a secure hardware extension (SHE) module.


  • Implementation to support AUTOSAR 4.x
  • Utilize a SHE hardware module
  • Support of HIS-defined APIs
  • Configurable with EB tresos Studio
  • Flexible combination with EB’s software libraries


EB’s embedded security products

Security for applications

Components on the application layer

AUTOSAR basic software

The security AUTOSAR basic software stack


Verification and authentication methods



Software for the automotive industry