Ford SYNC software integration partner

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The company

Ford, a leading car manufacturer, sold approximately 6,553,000 vehicles worldwide in 2007. The same year, Ford introduced SYNC—a fully integrated, voice-activated in-car communication and entertainment system for mobile phones and digital music players.

The challenge

In Q4 2007, Ford was looking for a company that could add new applications on top of its very successful SYNC platform. The first applications added were 911 Assist (E911) and Vehicle Health Report (VHR).

The solution

Elektrobit works closely with Ford, Microsoft, and other suppliers to develop and integrate new applications into Ford SYNC. Elektrobit makes sure that each new application runs as expected. In addition, Elektrobit acts as software integrator with Ford to guarantee interoperability with the rest of the system.

The benefit

Elektrobit is an automotive software partner that enables Ford to create software assets that fit into its environment—allowing Ford to differentiate itself from other car manufacturers.

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