Security for connected vehicles throughout the entire life cycle

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates, i.e., through a cellular or WLAN connection, are special requirements for the security architecture inside and outside the vehicle. However, they are also essential to keeping a vehicle safe and secure throughout its life cycle.


Security for connected vehicles throughout the entire life cycle

Table of contents

  • Connectivity increases vulnerability
  • Challenges for security in the connected vehicle
  • Protecting connected vehicles
  • Security measures using the example of OTA software updates
  • Legal requirements for automotive security
  • Solutions for connected vehicles that are safe, secure, and always up to date


For connected vehicles, automotive supplier Continental uses a holistic connectivity approach – from the vehicle architecture and human-machine interaction to the backend. In collaboration with Argus Cyber Security, Continental, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Elektrobit (EB), offers end-to-end cyber security solutions and wireless update solutions for all connected electronic components.


Resource type
Tech paper


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