Theming Engine – Easy and cost-effective theming of Android user interfaces


Elektrobit places easy, cost-effective theming within your reach

Table of contents

  • Themed user interfaces have become a competitive imperative in the global automotive industry
  • Elektrobit’s Theming Engine to the rescue
  • Multiple use cases and new revenue streams



Like many industries, the worldwide automotive industry is increasingly driven by product branding and personalization.

Today’s demanding consumers are looking for new car models that allow them to choose a look, feel and experience that’s driven by their preferences.

Consumers have always looked to the exterior of the car to express their personality, but increasingly they are also focused on how the car interior creates an emotional experience for them.

Addressing these demands, Elektrobit’s Theming Engine enables OEMs to create themes for Android-based user interfaces, easily. In addition to saving resources and supporting the overall UI engineering process, it opens-up new revenue streams to car makers after the point of purchase.


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