What virtualization can do for maintenance: the HSM case

In the automotive industry, vehicle software maintenance may be needed for up to two decades. During this period, the processor-specific version of the operating system kernel might require patching or replacing.



Virtualization is a proven method of simplifying maintenance for hardware-vendor-specific devices like the hardware security module (HSM). This approach achieves virtualization through ARM’s Secure Monitor Call (SMC) interface and the microkernel-based scheme of L4Re, specifically EB corbos Hypervisor.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Elektrobit’s Isaac Trefz and Uwe Hildebrand present findings from research conducted as part of a master’s thesis aimed at creating a proof-of-concept using NXP S32G2 with its HSE subsystem as the target hardware platform.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into initial research results which indicate a manageable performance overhead in accessing HSE functionality through the virtualization approach
  • Discover the feasibility of virtualizing the NXP proprietary HSE within EB corbos Hypervisor and using it within a Linux virtual machine with the TEE subsystem available in mainline Linux kernel together with standard ARM SMC interface
  • Find out how to transfer maintenance of NXP HSE driver from Linux kernel to EB corbos Hypervisor


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