EB tresos Automotive Ethernet Training


Duration: 2 full days or 4 half days

Format: in-house and online training

The EB tresos Automotive Ethernet training targets all developers and integrators who are familiar with the AUTOSAR Classic Platform standard and EB tresos in general and would like to expand their knowledge for the Ethernet communication bus in the Automotive domain.

The participants will learn the related IP protocols and how Ethernet is embedded into the AUTOSAR layered software architecture. A sequence of hands-on exercises will complement the learning experience, as each participant will build and run a simple AUTOSAR application which communicates via Ethernet on the Windows platform.


The training consists of theory chapters and corresponding practical exercises:

Self-study training videos

  • Introduction
    • Automotive Ethernet, Use Cases, Physical Layer Overview, Standardization Bodies
  • Ethernet and IP Basics
    • Ethernet, IPv4, ARP, Ping
    • Transport Layer Basics: UDP, TCP, Sockets and Ports
  • Details for the IP Layer and Above
    • DHCP, ICMP, DHCP, AutoIP
    • Transport Layer Details: TCP
    • Sockets, Interface to Applications (API)


Day 1

  • Question and answers on the self-study training videos
  • Example traces shown in Wireshark
  • Testing and Scripting
    • Network Topology for Testing, Crafting packets with Scapy
    • Hands-On Scripting
  • IP/Ethernet in AUTOSAR Introduction
    • AUTOSAR IP/Ethernet Stack Architecture and Module Overview
    • Integration into AUTOSAR PDU concept (PDU to socket mapping)
    • Communication State and Socket Connection Handling
    • Data transmission and reception path (TP, IF)
    • Hands-on session: Creation of a simple Ethernet demo with the AUTOSAR stack on WinCore


Day 2

  • IP/Ethernet in AUTOSAR Details
    • Overview of SOME/IP- and E2E-Transformer, LdCom
    • Stack Optimizations (via configuration of buffers, feature-sets …)
    • Protocol Conformance Testing, Virtual ECU Simulation
    • Diagnostic over IP Overview, Global Time Sync Overview
  • Service Based Communication
    • Communication Paradigms, Service Based Communication
    • SOME/IP with Service Discovery, and Implications
    • Hands-on session: Use existing Ethernet Demo and expand to Service Discovery


Software environment for practical exercises

Elektrobit provides access to a virtual desktop for practical exercises for the duration of the training


  • General knowledge about software development for automotive systems
  • General knowledge of the AUTOSAR Classic Platform Standard and EB tresos in general
  • General programming skills in C


Max. number of attendees

12 persons for each automotive ethernet training


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