EB tresos Classic AUTOSAR training


Duration: 3 days (deviations possible)

Format: online (Germany) and in-house training

Get a detailed overview of the function and interaction of AUTOSAR software modules. The EB tresos Classic AUTOSAR training provides comprehensive information about the concepts, architecture, and methodology of AUTOSAR. In addition to the new possibilities offered by AUTOSAR applications, you are introduced to the migration scenarios for existing applications. Exercises are done with ARText for the application design and with EB tresos for the basic software configuration.

About EB tresos Studio

Rely on a consistent, single-tool environment for electronic control unit (ECU) development with AUTOSAR. EB tresos Studio lets you configure, validate, and generate your ECU basic software (BSW). EB tresos Studio is the tool environment for our EB tresos AutoCore and EB tresos OsekCore. With its importer and generator interfaces, the tool fits perfectly into the AUTOSAR workflow and can be seamlessly integrated into existing toolchains. This allows the integration of company-specific basic software modules and legacy software components.


Dear customers,
Travel restrictions are currently in effect due to the Corona virus.
However, EB maintains all training offers and can also provide those as online training classes.
Please do not hesitate to send training requests. We will contact you to jointly agree on the best way how to serve your request, be it a virtual training now, or a classroom training later.


Main focus of this training

  • Provide an insight into the function and interaction of AUTOSAR software modules
  • Use of EB tresos Studio and EB tresos AutoCore



Please note: The training is subject to minor changes based on preferences of the audience and trainer’s availability.

  • Introduction & concepts
    • Motivation for AUTOSAR
    • Major AUTOSAR objectives
    • AUTOSAR organization and evolution
    • AUTOSAR concepts
    • Overview of the AUTOSAR basic software architecture and tooling
  • Architecture
    • Layered software architecture and basic software (BSW) modules
  • Methodology
    • AUTOSAR’s configuration concept
    • System/ECU configuration
  • EB tresos Studio *
  • Operating system *
  • SWC Layer & RTE *
    • SWC description
    • Interfaces
    • Runtime environment (RTE)
    • RTE events & mapping
    • Advanced concepts of SWCs
  • Diagnostics *
    • Development Error Tracer
    • Diagnostic Event Manager
    • Function Inhibition Manager
    • Diagnostic Communication Manager
  • Communication stack
    • Overview
    • Bus-independent modules (Com, PduR, IpduM)
    • Bus-specific sub-stacks (CAN, FlexRay, IP/Ethernet) *
  • Mode management *
    • ECU state and BSW Mode Manager
    • Watchdog management
    • COM Manager
    • Network management
  • Memory stack *
    • NVRAM Manager
    • Memory Abstraction Interface
    • Flash / EEPROM stack
  • IO hardware abstraction *
    • Dio example
  • Security stack
  • EB tresos safety modules

* Sessions with exercises included as part of training. Time is allocated for discussions and Q&A.


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