Elektrobit’s open-source approach

Why Elektrobit promotes an open-source approach

1. Introduction

As a leader in automotive software solutions, Elektrobit promotes open source for building a secure foundation for the future of driving automation.
The approach of Elektrobit to open-source technology in the data centre, cloud or embedded system developments is to ensure a truly open environment. The open-source philosophy of Elektrobit is based on a customer-centric approach to eliminate vendor lock-in, while keeping options open and costs predictably low. Elektrobit promotes a truly open-source approach to business and technology as a foundation step for the future.

2. Open Source

Elektrobit uses the term “Open Source” for brevity and because it is the clearest descriptor in the context we operate. We do recognize that Open Source is more than just a development model and that exist ideals behind it. For example: the ideals to respect user freedom and community building, and specifically, the freedom to use, study, share, and improve software. Elektrobit has many engineers passionately standing behind the ideals of Free and Open Source Software. It is for these reasons that Elektrobit supports these ideals as a company.

When we discuss Open Source Software we refer to the definition of Open Source Licenses by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

3. Our Open Source program

3.1 Free and Open Source Policy

Elektrobit has a dedicated Open Source policy that is valid for all Elektrobit staff and its suppliers.

3.2 ISO / IEC 5230 Compliance (OpenChain)

Elektrobit is running a project with the goal of conforming to ISO / IEC 5230 First Edition in a later stage. Elektrobit has been publicly working together with the OpenChain project on this goal.

3.3 Legal Review

Elektrobit conducts expert reviews of all software that we distribute to other parties. We make sure to have the necessary rights to distribute each code component and that no legal issues exist such as license incompatibilities or unexpected obligations for Elektrobit and respective customers.

4. Our Community Program

4.1 Producing Open Source Software

Some of the Open Source projects created or maintained by Elektrobit are found at our Elektrobit github page.
Elektrobit understands the benefits of contributing to Open Source projects. We encourage our engineers to actively participate and contribute across different Open Source communities of their choice. The framework set out in the Open Source policy is regulating these contributions from our engineers.

4.2 Memberships

Elektrobit is an active member of Open Source communities and organizations such as the Linux Foundation, Automotive Grade Linux, the OpenChain Reference Tooling Work Group, OSADL and others across the globe.
Grade Linux, the OpenChain Reference Tooling Work Group, OSADL and others across the globe.

5. FOSS Liaison

In case you have any inquiries about Free and Open Source compliance at Elektrobit, please contact Alexander Much by email at A L E X A N D E R . M U C H @ E L E K T R O B I T . C O M.


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