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hmi development

Specify, prototype & develop

Model and draw your 2D and 3D graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with animations, transitions and effects your designers wants.
> EB GUIDE Studio

hmi development debug

Debug, test & validate

Simulate directly in EB GUIDE Studio the logic and the view of your UI, and connect EB GUIDE to your development environment to continuously test & validate your UI.
> EB GUIDE Monitor


hmi deployment


Being hardware- and OS-agnostic, EB GUIDE allows you to run your UI on any targets exactly as you see them on your development machine.
> EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework

augmented reality

Augmented reality

With data fusion designed for augmented reality, EB GUIDE provides you with an innovative software toolkit to visualize what the car’s systems are seeing to support the driver during decision making.
> EB GUIDE arware


What you see is what you get

Design, develop, and deploy without code, without compiling, and without waiting. EB GUIDE lets you develop as your audience will see the HMI. Learn more about how to bring your automotive user experience to the next level with EB GUIDE:


Deliver stunning automotive user experience with Elektrobit


Elektrobit as a one-stop shop for your HMI

Elektrobit is a one-stop shop for of the entire HMI development and deployment process with its top-of-the-line toolset, engineering services, and support from Elektrobit experts if needed.

Support throughout the entire development journey

EB GUIDE supports various development phases: executable specification, HMI creation, rapid prototyping, simulation, and target deployment in multiple devices.

Extend your user interfaces with the best voice assistants

Elektrobit has been developing voice user interfaces and integrating best-in-class speech recognition engines for many years and many OEMs and is partnering with leading voice assistant providers (e.g. Amazon) to bring innovative voice interfaces to the automotive industry.


Complete solution for your vehicle HMI

You want to make it easier and more intuitive for your customers to interact with their vehicles, whether it involves speaking, touching, gesture control, or using mobile devices. Our HMI development tool EB GUIDE makes this possible. It is a complete solution for designing multimodal user interfaces (UIs) with a consistent look and feel.
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Trusted HMI toolchain in the automotive industry

As the choice of HMI designers and leading engineers around the globe for more than 15 years, EB GUIDE powers more than 40 million vehicles on the road. EB GUIDE’s scalability and portability allow car makers and Tier 1 suppliers to build compelling HMIs for in-vehicle head units, instrument clusters, and head-up displays (including augmented reality).
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Never compromise on quality

Stunning 3D graphics, the latest in speech recognition, state of the art touch technology, and augmented reality for advanced head-up displays. EB GUIDE uses cutting edge tech and continually updates to reflect the newest innovations in the industry.