EB GUIDE Monitor

EB GUIDE Monitor allows you to observe and control the EB GUIDE model during simulation. It includes the toolset needed for efficient and successful communication with the datapool, event system, and state machine of the EB GUIDE model. EB GUIDE Monitor is a stand-alone application to EB GUIDE.


  • Start automatically in EB GUIDE Studio during EB GUIDE model simulation.
  • Connect to the simulation running on the PC and to the HMI running on the target.
  • Read and write datapool values.
  • Send events with parameters.
  • Change the current language and skin.
  • Execute (C#) scripts to interact with the HMI model (e.g. to test the HMI).
  • Display logs provided by GTF.
  • Show the different state machines and the states they are in.
  • Write plug-ins to extend functionality.