Elektrobit joins Eclipse Foundation’s Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group

September 1, 2022

Eclipse SDV membership enables Elektrobit to contribute to the vibrant open-source platform and ecosystem that will drive innovation for next-gen mobility solutions


ERLANGEN, Germany, September 01, 2022 – Elektrobit, a visionary global vendor of software products for the automotive industry, today announced it has joined the Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group, dedicated to developing a new and innovative software platform for the automotive industry. Elektrobit is among leaders across the automotive, IT, cloud, and services industries working together to create the platform and ecosystem that will drive innovation for the next generation of mobility solutions.

The automotive industry is undergoing disruptive change as consumer demands for personalization, connectivity, and other software-defined features continue to grow. The resulting software-defined vehicles require more software and higher-performance networking solutions to support their software-defined architectures. As a member of SDV, Elektrobit will help to radically transform the automotive industry by collaboratively developing a common software platform that can be used in an openly licensed, royalty-free manner.

“Elektrobit brings more than 35 years of automotive software experience to the Eclipse SDV, and we’re excited to work with the community to develop a new, innovative software platform for the automotive industry,” said Mike Robertson, vice president, global product management and strategy, Elektrobit. “We believe in investing in open standards to support industry collaboration and innovation, as is evidenced by our founding membership in AUTOSAR, membership in SOAFFEE and now, in the Eclipse SDV working group.”

The Eclipse SDV working group is focused on accelerating innovation of automotive-grade in-car software stacks using open source and open specifications. It offers a forum for individuals and organizations – including Accenture, Arm, Bosch, Cariad, Continental, Microsoft, NXP, SUSE, Toyota, and ZF Group – to build and promote open-source software, specifications, and open-collaboration models needed to create a scalable, modular, extensible, industry-ready open-source licensed vehicle software platform supporting in-vehicle and around-the-vehicle applications development and deployment.

“The Eclipse Foundation welcomes Elektrobit and their contributions to the Software Defined Vehicle Working Group,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “The entire automotive software ecosystem is experiencing rapid and fundamental change. A shared platform and tooling, which the entire industry can both use and co-develop, is needed to accelerate this transformation. Eclipse SDV’s vision of a code-first, open-source platform for the software-defined vehicle will radically change how the automotive industry develops automotive software.”


About Elektrobit

Elektrobit is an award-winning and visionary global vendor of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 35 years of serving the industry, Elektrobit’s software powers over five billion devices in more than 600 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for car infrastructure software, connectivity & security, automated driving and related tools, and user experience. Elektrobit is a wholly-owned, independently-operated subsidiary of Continental.

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