Elektrobit in the News: How Elektrobit brings Amazon’s Alexa into the car – Automotive News

February 25, 2020

EB GUIDE is identified as a key development tool that can bring Alexa into the vehicle.

As OEMs continue to explore new ways to differentiate their vehicles, many look to technology, and more specifically software, features to give them a competitive edge. In this day and age, drivers want their vehicle’s systems to work with whatever smartphone applications they’re bringing to the car – whether they’re from Apple, Android or another OS provider.

As Akshay Singh, automotive principal at PwC, said recently in Automotive News, “If I’m a customer and I want Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on my vehicle, I would want the OEM to work with the tech companies to provide a solution. I think some OEMs have realized that some of these tech companies actually have the resources and the scale to develop the solution better than what these OEMs can do in-house.”

At Elektrobit, we go to work on behalf of our OEM partners to help them scale and develop solutions, as well as partner directly with tech companies to make integrations easier. We work with a range of tech companies from consumer-brands to embedded technology and everything in between.

For instance, for the past two years, Elektrobit has been collaborating with Amazon on next-generation in-car experiences. In the Automotive News story referenced above, reporter Alexa St. John explores Amazon’s journey in the automotive industry and identifies EB GUIDE as a key development tool that can bring Alexa into the vehicle.