ADTF 3.8.0 summary

  • Improvements in ADTF Configuration Editor
    • Copy and paste support for graph elements
    • Make Streaming Sources and Sinks available in Filter Graph
      • Easier to handle and greater flexibility and reusability
      • Makes Streaming Graph obsolete
      • We still recommend to separate your graphs but with Subgraphs in Filter Graph instead of Filter Graphs in Streaming Graphs
      • By default all about Streaming Graphs is now disabled/hidden and can be configured within Settings Editor (Options)
      • Using existing ADTF Sessions containing a ADTF Graph with a Streaming Graph will enable the support automatically
    • Extend Streaming Graph Editor / Filter Graph Editor with Graph Navigator
    • Option to define graph properties
    • Provide mechanism to include Filter Graph from existing ADTF Session as Subgraph, see Session Editor
  • Common adaptions regarding SDK and delivered components
    • Add a Filter to dissect Samples of a Sample Stream into seperate Substreams (see ADTF Substream Dissector)
    • Correct connection establishment between adtf::streaming::ant::cFilterLevelmachine::StageNormal and adtf::streaming::ant::cFilterLevelmachine::StageGraphReady
      • You can change back to the old behaviour of the ADTF Session Manager by setting the ADTF_CONNECTION_CREATION_STATE environment variable to ‘2’ (either in the System Editor or via your environment)
      • This must be done e.g. for 2D OpenGL Display and its Drawers and Sessions in ADTF Display Toolbox <= 3.5.0 and all other components using incorrect “old” behaviour
      • See also adtf::filter::hollow::cFilter::Init
  • Documentation, Guides and examples extensions
    • Add a guide to show best practice regarding ADTF Session design
    • Add overview for shortcuts within ADTF Configuration Editor
  • Upgrade our external base libraries
    • Upgrade to Qt 5.12.9


This version is available on the EB Command server.


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