EB Assist ADTF 3 Device Toolbox 3.1.0 released

The Version 3.1.0 of the EB Assist ADTF3 Device Toolbox has been released

Main features of this version:

  • Support for new platform Windows 10
    • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2017
    • Upgrade to toolchain VC141
    • Upgrade to Qt 5.12.4
  • Support for SOME/IP
    • Provide a ethernet data structure (see tEthernetSampleHeader / stream_meta_type_ethernet)
    • Provide a SOME/IP data structure (see tSomeIpSampleHeader / stream_meta_type_someip)
    • Streaming Source to get RAW Ethernet Frames
    • Extract SOME/IP packages from ethernet stream
    • Trace View for SOME/IP data packages
    • Support for SOME/IP-TP
  • Usability improvements regarding Signal Config Filter Editors
  • Upgrade to ADTF File Library (IFHD) 0.5.0
  • Upgrade to a_util 5.5.0
  • Upgrade to ddl 4.3.0
  • Upgrade to ADTF Utils 4.1.3


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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