Elektrobit and ART supply global vehicle manufacturer with voice recognition

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Elektrobit and ART supply global vehicle manufacturer with voice recognition

The challenges

A global vehicle manufacturer wanted to develop a new vehicle platform around the instrument cluster display complemented by a sophisticated voice dialog system. They felt that voice user interfaces were not part of their core competencies and hence looked for an experienced and trusted partner.

Their supplier, ART reached out to Elektrobit to find a trusted partner with extensive expertise in the design and development of voice UIs. The voice interface should be smoothly integrated as part of ART’s overall HMI solution for the vehicle itself and subsequent vehicle models over a series of SOPs.

ART is known through the development of innovative products for the world of motorsport, which could subsequently be supplied to all the main F1 teams.


  • The drivers are used to ultimate performance and will expect such performance also under acoustic conditions.
  • The initially planned voice functionalities provided by ART should be properly transferred into a detailed specification that can be implemented without ambiguity.


The solution

Elektrobit developed and executed a complete voice interface specification including voice dialog, voice recognition grammars, speech output configuration and acoustic optimizations for the dedicated car environments.


  • Elektrobit provided the voice dialog solution, including dialog flow and voice recognition grammar.
  • For the easiest access to the voice UI, Elektrobit customized the solution with the wake-up word and implemented Barge-in to shorten the interactions for experienced drivers/users.
  • An Agile scrum team setup was selected as the operational way-of-working model – due to the high-level initial requirements that needed to be translated into detailed requirements – was accompanied by a lot of clarifications.

Elektrobit’s added value

  • Elektrobit is a pioneer in the design and development of sophisticated voice dialog interfaces using best-in-class voice technologies.
  • Our experienced automotive project teams are conscious of customer expectations to apply voice technologies under the most demanding conditions.

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