HMI development for cutting-edge display audio systems in Japan

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The challenges

Pioneer wanted to select an HMI development platform to develop their latest display audio models. EB provides EB GUIDE, its all-in-one HMI development toolchain to Pioneer for the development of its display audio systems DMH-SF700 and DMH-SZ700.


The solution


  • EB GUIDE allows multiple Pioneer HMI developers to work on the same project simultaneously, resulting in greater efficiency.
  • With the model-based approach, EB GUIDE enabled the developers to focus on their core task of developing the HMI, without coding a single line of code.

  • Pioneer developers were able to instantly visualize the HMI look and feel on their development machines without the need for the target devices, saving time and money during the iterative HMI development process.
  • EB GUIDE high extensibility and flexibility allowed Pioneer to extend the toolchain to their process and needs.

HMI development for display audio systems


Statement by Yosuke Sato, MPC Technology Group, Pioneer Co., Ltd

“EB GUIDE is a toolchain that can realize graphical user interfaces with all the functions required for HMI development and that helped reduce our development costs. We were able to develop our HMI efficiently with the data-binding function that doesn’t require complicated design. Its modular approach allows us to reuse the assets created with EB GUIDE for other platforms in the long term.“

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