Premium navigation for BMW

Products: EB robinos
Categories: Automated Driving

Supported by Elektrobit’s expertise and products BMW was able to roll out its new infotainment solution, which is compatible with several brands and models, worldwide. Elektrobit provided a modularly designed solution, which led to a high level of software reusability. As BMW benefitted from Elektrobit’s automotive experience, they were able to fulfill the highest standards regarding driving comfort.


The challenge

BMW had looked for a scalable premium navigation system for various brands.


Across different car lines, it had to allow software reusability and consistency.


  • GENIVI-based system
  • Compatibility across various brands (BMW and Mini)
  • BMW-specific HMI that requires the joint development of an HMI navigation adaptation layer

The solution

Elektrobit contributed with a global navigation solution by using NDS maps and EB robinos Provider to create an electronic horizon. EB robinos Provider delivers map data and supports advanced driver assistance functions such as adaptive cruise control or engine management. The navigation feature set includes amongst others:

  • Online traffic
  • Highly performant route calculation
  • Online POIs


The benefit

The modular design of the solution enabled high levels of software reusability. The infotainment solution enabled BMW to provide highly performant premium navigation for its brands BMW and Mini in various markets worldwide.


Elektrobit’s contributed value

Elektrobit has a proven record in mastering large scale navigation projects with worldwide rollouts of various models and brands. Elektrobit‘s customer proximity and experience are crucial factors when it comes to successfully completing complex projects at highest standards.