Approaches to upgrading an outdated Yocto-based system



There are a number of best practices and recommendations for the development and maintenance of a yocto-based system.

One of them is to use a still maintained yocto version as the base. Having said that, these recommendations are not meticulously followed in the industry. This could be due to various technical and non-technical reasons – most common one being the conservative approaches to the upgrades.

Given the impracticality of maintaining the modules based on an outdated Open-Source Software, upgrading the outdated layers is the only option. But upgrading the outdated yocto layers can easily cascade the efforts and complexity on resolving the dependencies and modifying the infrastructure for deploying, testing and integrating the updated system.

In this free webinar Elektrobit’s Simone Weiss and Michael Estner use real-world examples to explain the importance of upgrading Yocto-based products.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Find out why it’s essential to upgrade Yocto
  • Gain insight into alternative approaches to upgrading Yocto-based products
  • Learn from practical real-world examples


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