EB corbos Linux

EB corbos Linux is a container-based Linux distribution for the automotive industry. The container concept solves the main challenges of dependency management between diverse applications, offers variability for customer extensions, and is capable of efficient maintainability. To fulfill highest safety and security requirements, EB corbos Linux can be equipped with a hardened Linux kernel and root file system ensuring system integrity at all stages. Besides, EB corbos Linux can integrate board support packages and specific patches for a large variety of CPU vendors.


Fully aligned with established automotive industry processes and quality standards

Container-based EB corbos Linux is prepared for fully verified application and kernel updates during project and vehicle life cycle.

Verified and tested via industry-leading standard test suites

EB corbos Linux is suitable to use extensive Linux test suites, e.g. the test suites from the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL).

Optimized operating system for high-performance computing

The EB corbos Linux base distribution package is designed for fast boot times and early availability of system functions required for typical automotive applications.

EB corbos Linux


Container-based Linux distribution

The EB corbos Linux core package integrates a system-based start-up with activated container management (e.g. runc, OCI).

Prepared to be used as POSIX OS for EB corbos AdaptiveCore

EB corbos Linux can be fully integrated with EB corbos AdaptiveCore to provide an Adaptive AUTOSAR platform.

Optimized usage with EB corbos Hypervisor (e.g. start-up time)

EB corbos Linux can be fully integrated with EB corbos Hypervisor.

Implemented latest Linux security measures

  • Full support of kernel’s security features, such as kernel address space layout randomization (KASLR), security-enhanced Linux (SELinux), and self-verifying file systems (dm-verity)
  • Minimal trusted computing base (TCB) by providing just as much as you need to bring up the system
  • Integrated in and compatible with EB’s security solutions (e.g. hardware secure module)

Safety-enabled Linux environment

EB corbos Linux provides monitoring mechanisms to ensure the correct control flow and scheduling of safety-related application software.

Integration with other EB corbos products

EB corbos Studio

An integrated development environment to develop and integrate applications

EB corbos AdaptiveCore

Our basic software for safe and secure high-performance controllers

EB corbos Hypervisor

A software layer to run multiple (different) operating systems on one single CPU

Software platform

EB xelor

All-in-one software platform for creating next-generation automotive electronics architectures based on high-performance computers (HPCs).

Software for the automotive industry