EB corbos Hypervisor training


Duration: 1 day

Format: in-house and blended training (1 day self-study plus 4 hour online Q&A with our product trainers)

The EB corbos Hypervisor training targets anyone who wants to learn about hypervisor technology in general and the EB-specific implementation in particular.
Participants will gain deep knowledge about the fundamentals of a hypervisor, its architecture, and types, understand the principles of virtualization, and will learn how to install the EB corbos Hypervisor and configure it to their needs.


Dear customers,
Travel restrictions might be in effect due to the Corona virus.
However, Elektrobit trainings are still offered as online classes.
Don’t hesitate to send us requests. We will contact you to figure out the best way how to serve your request, be it a virtual training now, or a classroom training later.



The training consists of theory chapters and corresponding practical exercises:

  • Introduction to platform virtualization
  • Overview of the EB corbos Hypervisor
  • Set up the target
    Goal: Goal: flash target, use U-Boot and learn how to fetch the hypervisor via TFTP and boot HV on A-5x
  • Handle the HV image
    Goal: understand the content of the HV image, look at initial configuration and deploy HV image on target hardware
  • Customize the HV and its main modules, add new VM, and give it shared memory access, network, and eMMC access
    Goal: build your own config and get it assembled and executed on the target hardware
  • Integration with Linux: VMs, device tree binary (DTB) and HV interaction
    Goal: integrate a VM running Linux as guest OS, do device pass-through and adapt DTB


License provision

Evaluation license for 3 months included


Software environment for practical exercises

The practical exercises are executed on the personal computer of each participant. We recommend a second screen to better follow the explanation of exercises. Optionally, the use of the R-Car H3/M3 starter kit is recommended as target environment (not provided by EB).
As part of the training offer, EB provides the required software prior to the training. The system resource requirements are:

  • Operating system: Linux, provided as virtual machine
  • RAM: 4GB (minimum), 8GB (recommended)
  • Hard disk space: 50GB (minimum)
  • Optional: terminal software, e.g. Teraterm to connect the target to the personal computer via USB



  • General scripting skills, e.g. Lua
  • General understanding of processor architectures
  • Basic OS knowledge
  • Basic Linux skills


Max. number of attendees

15 persons for each EB corbos Hypervisor training


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