EB GUIDE arware

EB GUIDE arware enables the creation of augmented reality solutions to make driving safer, build driver trust in the vehicle, and improve driver experience. With EB GUIDE arware, you can augment navigation information on the road or you can emphasize the track course.


Specify, design and develop
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with EB GUIDE arware

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Reduces driver’s distraction while building driver trust in the vehicle

The software framework enables well-timed alerts that caution and guide the driver, ensuring the driver is safe at all times. This offer of real-time information contributes to faster decision making while also helping to build the driver’s trust in the vehicle.

Re-use saves money

EB GUIDE arware is sensor-agnostic, so you achieve lower production costs. Not only can you re-use existing sensors, but you can also leverage your existing ADAS and ECUs to create your AR HUD experience.

Augmented reality and UI creation in one package

EB GUIDE arware leverages EB GUIDE to visualize data. This combination of AR and HMI design means you would have the capability to develop your AR solution more quickly, one package for all your development needs.

An immersive, cohesive user and brand experience

AR enables a more seamless, immersive user experience that you can take advantage of. Offer your customers a holistic HMI experience that transforms their driving experiences while creating a paramount branding for yourself.


  • Platform-independent core
  • Sensor data abstraction layer
  • Sensor-agnostic data fusion core
  • Kinematic-model-based remote object tracking and movement prediction
  • Dead-reckoning-based ego vehicle movement tracking
  • Highly configurable and customizable HMI tooling for visualization
  • Easy integration with existing ADAS and HMI ECUs


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