EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework (GTF)

Customers see a brand reflected in the images and text displayed in the in-vehicle HMI, be it in automotive head units, head-up displays, or cluster instruments. EB GUIDE GTF ensures that the powerful graphical interfaces you developed in EB GUIDE Studio render beautifully and are executed on your target in the vehicle.


Specify, design and develop
with EB GUIDE Studio

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with EB GUIDE Monitor

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Scalable on multiple targets

Your graphics render on automotive head-up displays, normal and full graphical cluster instruments, medium and premium head units as well as on industrial applications.

Deploy on multiple platforms

You can use your HMI models on targets running with multiple operating systems and on various platforms. EB GUIDE GTF is hardware- and OS-agnostic.

See what your customer will see

Because EB GUIDE Studio already uses EB GUIDE GTF for rendering while creating the model, you see exactly what the customer will see later on the device.

Integrate with ease

Abstract the HMI layer from the underlying application for an easy integration.


  • Effects library with built-in effects (coloration, rotation, scaling, shearing, translation).
  • Communicate directly and quickly with applications on a control unit with the external application interface.
  • Make full use of any available graphics and hardware acceleration.
  • Ready for future software standards and hardware generations.
  • Exploit real hardware accelerated OpenGL ES 2.x and OpenGL ES 3.x.
  • Programmed in C++ for best performance on the target.