EB GUIDE Speech Extension

Design innovative speech-enabled HMI while shortening development time with EB GUIDE Speech Extension for EB GUIDE Studio. Leverage its easy-to-use interface to design the next generation of speech within the car – one that employs the power of hybrid speech architecture, combining embedded with various cloud-based technologies.


Specify, design and develop
with EB GUIDE Speech Extension

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with EB GUIDE Monitor

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Integrate speech functions early to create a better UI

Model and prototype speech interaction from the earliest phases of development, saving time and addressing challenges early.

Ensure good interaction between speech and graphics

Model and build your speech-enabled HMI parallel to your graphical UI, to ensure consistent and logical interaction between the two.

Offer a customized branding experience

Customize your speech offering so it reflects your brand and the experience you want your customers to have by integrating your model easily with your current platforms and systems.

Provide personalized in-car experiences

Tailor your speech HMI to your users by taking advantage of context- and user-based information derived from multiple cloud sources within the car and outside of it.


  • Leverage natural language understanding (NLU) technology.
  • Multi-user mode allows simultaneous work by several individuals.
  • Easily integrate third-party speech frameworks or assistants.
  • Model voice user interfaces instead of coding them.
  • Speech dialog simulation enables early testing and debugging.
  • Supports for a variety of speech recognition and speech synthesis systems.