EB Assist CAR Box

Automotive-grade PC systems for logging sensor data and replaying them in a simulated environment

The validation of automated driving functions requires precisely recorded data from vehicle sensors such as ultrasonic, video or radar, and vehicle bus communication such as CAN, FlexRay, or Ethernet, based on real driving scenes.

EB Assist CAR Box stands for a high-performant and reliable automotive PC system to suit your testing and validation needs. It is designed to be used as logging device in your test vehicle. It also is the perfect device for replay and simulation purposes, e.g. in SiL/HiL systems for ADAS/AD ECU testing.

The wide range of interfaces for different sensors and ECU connections as well as multiple additional features make it a highly modular, flexible, and complete high-end solution.


Improve the quality of data logging

Highly precise time stamping done on hardware at a resolution of 25ns ensures the highest possible accuracy.

Save time and money during development and validation

Our offering provides you a high-performant, integrated, and reliable system by interlocking with EB Assist bus tools and EB Assist ADTF.

Customizable turnkey solution, ready to use right from the start

Our comprehensive in-house hardware and firmware development enables a fast and flexible realization of your requirements, especially a highly flexible I/O configuration according to your specific needs.

Delivery and support from one single source

One single contact and responsibility assures complete and professional support with short response times during your buying and configuration decision and beyond.

Key features of the EB 9xxx hardware series at a glance

  • Modular system which supports all common automotive interfaces (FR, CAN-HS/LS/FD, ETH/BroadR-Reach, LIN)
  • Flexible and customizable I/O configuration with EB Assist bus tools based on your individual requirements
  • High-computing performance for data processing and data visualization
  • Specific hardware device filters for EB Assist ADTF are available, other platforms on request
  • Highly precise time stamping with a resolution of 25ns and better than 1 µs accuracy done with EB Assist bus tools

EB 9101 and EB 9200: Data logging and replay for various use cases

EB 9101

Use case: data replay

High-performant replaying and simulation device in a laboratory environment such as SiL/HiL systems

Use case: data logging for pre-development projects

Data-logging device with high-computing power that is perfectly suited for data recording, (pre)processing, and visualization during test drives especially for ADAS/AD predevelopment projects

EB 9101/EB 9200 datasheet

EB 9200

Use case: data logging for test fleets

Logging device for ADAS/AD ECU testing/validation with a wide and highly flexible I/O configuration. Designed to be used in rough environments such as driving on gravel roads. Protected from vibrations and shocks. Supports temperatures of up to 70°C/158°F

EB 9101/EB 9200 datasheet

Further information on EB Assist Car Box and our automated driving test and validation solutions

Success story: Automated driving development test tools for Continental

The test and validation of automated vehicles is a complex task that requires millions of test miles to be run through and involves large amounts of data to be processed due to a high number of environmental sensors needed for automated driving. This is why Continental is expanding its global test drives and was seeking for high-performant products for data logging for its ADAS and automated driving product validation and in addition providing these systems to various car makers around the globe.

“We know EB as a trusted partner with deep knowledge in testing and tools development. One of the biggest projects EB realized is the measurement tool system MI5 based on our requirements for developing and testing ADAS and autonomous driving functions. Within a tight time schedule, EB developed the complete MI5 system and qualified it against our specification. More than 800 MI5 devices have already been delivered, a lot more will follow.”

Uwe Kuckelkorn, Head of Section ADAS Test & Validation, Continental
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