EB Assist Test Lab

Efficiently orchestrate petabytes of test drive data to validate your algorithms

Test and validation of automated driving involves billions of test miles and petabyte-scale data, generated through real and simulated test drives. We help your company solve the challenges of ADAS/AD engineers while interacting with big data, getting you back to writing algorithms and bringing functions and systems to series production faster.


Optimize data and storage management

EB Assist Test Lab knows the value of your data. By simultaneously managing different data lakes, both in the cloud and on-premise, you can improve your data transportation and storage strategy to reduce costs by up to 80%.

Simplify global collaboration

Streamline workflows and interactions with tooling that understands how to manage and socialize a big data lake. Ensure universal accessibility for your developers, partners, and customers around the world thanks to a cloud-based architecture.

Easily find the data you need

Search, find, select, and extract required data to train and validate your algorithms. Find the corner cases in petabytes of data in a matter of seconds. All made possible through an intuitive and user-friendly, web-based application.

Unlock scalability through the cloud

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of our cloud-based architecture for accelerating parallel tasks to meet critical peaks.

Save costs through pay on demand

Through a flexible, on-demand approach, you only need to pay for the computing power and functionality you need. This helps to reduce upfront costs and risk.

Profit from an open design

Our platform with open interfaces can be integrated into your existing tool environment. Also, easily add your proven in-house tools to our toolchain, e.g. simulation software, labeling tools, or data analysis software.


Learn how EB Assist Test Lab accelerates development with one tool that supports

Ingesting data Enhancing data Searching data Delivering data

Key features for developers

  • Search and find data that you need through an intuitive, web-based portal
  • Preview, filter, and visualize data
  • Easily create campaigns and issue data collection requests
  • Share data with colleagues and partners
  • Data quality indication to easily rate driving scenes and their quality
  • Enhancement and semi-automated labeling of data with your desired labeling tool
  • Smart prioritization around hot, cold, and “frozen” data to bring down costs
  • Out-of-the-box support for commonly used data formats such as ADTF or ROS
  • Easy integration of customer-specific data types

Advantages for companies

  • Make data accessible and usable beyond department and company borders
  • Save costs through data prioritization and data storage optimization mechanisms
  • Reduce workload, free up your developers’ resources
  • Easily manage permissions and keep control of your data
  • Leverage the cloud and but also keep your on-premise infrastructure
  • Cut costs by up to 80 % through pay-per-use without fixed costs
  • Easily integrate your in-house tooling
  • Interlocking with all EB Assist products
  • Dedicated support, training, consulting, and custom engineering


Key ingredients for a streamlined test and validation process


Step 1: Data gathering

Test drive recording

Industry-leading data-logging devices such as EB Assist CAR Box allow to capture terabytes of data from multiple sensor sources. As an example, Continental has equipped hundreds of its test vehicles with our solution.

Simulated driving scenes

Simulation is a key aspect in the validation process. Leverage our partner network of simulation companies and make use of your synthetic data.



Step 2: Ingest data

Ingest petabyte-scale data to your data center or cloud with ease. Manage the upload of driving scenes to the storage:

  • QR code generator for upload traceability
  • Progress notification service
  • Mobile device support
  • Scalable upload

Step 3: Enhance data

Add metadata to your driving scenes:

  • Common-file metadata
  • Geographical metadata
  • Weather conditions
  • Annotations
  • Customizable metadata

Step 4: Search data

Search for driving scenes with specific attributes:

  • Guided search
  • Autocompletion of queries
  • Campaigns to manage queries
  • Explorative annotation workflow

Step 5: Deliver data

Share your driving scenes cross-premises:

  • Authentication
  • Structure your data through campaigns
  • Share data and data requests



Step 6: Function development

Use EB Assist ADTF or any other development environment for developing functions based on the acquired data or for testing ECU functionality in Software- or Hardware-in-the-Loop server farms.

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