EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit

Your headstart in electronic horizon development

EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit is an out-of-the-box ADASIS Provider for your R&D activities. It supports the latest map material (for ADASIS v2 and v3). By using a GNSS receiver as a positioning source and recording/replaying test drives, the kit contains everything that is necessary to run EB robinos Predictor instantly within your development environment.

Check out this Web App and start using EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit without complex installation or configuration.

Get your EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit now

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Raspberry Pi box
  • Software: Pre-installed software image with ADASISv2 and ADASISv3 Provider + Reconstructor
  • GNSS mouse
  • GNSS receiver
  • External CAN interface
  • Power supply with car charger
  • Pre-assembled Raspberry Pi-based EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit
  • PEAK PCAN USB Connector
  • Micro SD card
  • Benefits

    Out-of the-box solution

    EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit is a compact Raspberry Pi device running the EB robinos Provider for ADASIS to evaluate the capacity and performance of EB’s electronic horizon products. This platform is equipped with all that is necessary for a demonstration ECU.

    Easy configuration and control

    Control web interface to easily configure electronic horizon output. Simple to install with ready to use hardware design.

    Reduced space

    Reduce space with
    compact Raspberry Pi device

    Software updates

    Receive software updates for the latest ADASIS versions.

    Highlights of our ADASIS Provider

    • Stimulate test drives on any route
    • Visualize map tracks
    • Configure your ADASIS Provider
      – Connection settings
      – Map regions (EU, NAR, Custom)
      – ADASIS protocol settings
    • Connect your computer via Wi-Fi or LAN
    • Record and replay test drive tracks
    • Use GNSS receiver or CAN/UDP input as a positioning source
    • Visualize eHorizon tree with built-in Reconstructor viewer

    Product features

    ADASIS v2 and ADASIS v3

    • Playback for prerecorded test drive tracks
    • Records of new test drive tracks
    • ADASIS protocol settings
    • Map selection
    • Map visualization
    • Provider software update function
    • Built-in Reconstructor viewer
    • Mobile and desktop view

    ADASIS v2

    • Navigation data standard (NDS) database supports up to NDS 2.5x
    • Includes Mapscape licensed maps for EU & NAR based on HERE maps
    • Transmits data via UDP or CAN
    • MPP (Most Probable Path)
    • CAN and UDP input positioning interface

    ADASIS v3

    • Based on ADASIS 3.1 standard
    • Supports latest HD online maps by HERE and TomTom
    • Supports NDS.Live format
    • Transmits data via TCP
    • Multiple MPPs based on positioning candidates
    • UDP input positioning interface

    ADASIS v3 – the standard format for HD maps and automated driving

    To enable and/or enhance the functionalities of ADAS and automated driving systems, vehicle manufacturers want to access and use the information provided by navigation systems such as map data, vehicle position, and speed. Today, however, navigation map databases are only accessible to navigation applications and are stored in the proprietary format of the navigation system. For applications to access this data, an appropriate information exchange interface must be defined. This is the overall aim of ADASIS Forum.

    Since 2018, EB provides the reference implementation of ADASIS v3 to ADASIS AISBL.

    The advantages of ADASIS v3:

  • Ethernet broadband connection
  • Supports bi-directional communication between EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit and the electronic horizon client application
  • Centimeter-accurate resolution enabling lane-accurate information
  • Support for NDS 2.5 and OTA back ends
  • Map-supplier-independent
  • EB solution is aligned with the ADASIS v3 roadmap and is also backward compatible
  • EB robinos Predictor is based on over ten years of experience in electronic horizon solutions
  • Development based on the state-of-the-art ADASIS Forum discussion
  • Further information on EB robinos and our automated driving solutions