Software engineering services

Comprehensive software development for embedded software, infotainment, connected cars, automated driving, and more.


With the increasing consumer demand for the latest in-car infotainment systems, and driver assistance technologies, something more than the traditional approach to software development is needed. EB has 30 years of experience in the automotive environment, and also has the expertise and partnerships needed to bring lean and agile principles to software development and industrialization. We can help you keep pace with the fast-moving developments.

EB offers services that manage all aspects of product development, from prototype to start of production. In addition to software development, our team of experts covers:


Furthermore, the close collaboration with our extensive partner network enables us to develop premium solutions to meet your specific needs. All our business models ensure transparency and trust, thus creating confidence in the services we offer.


What we offer

We use a Lean Development Model specifically tailored to automotive software development that combines agile methods with the principles of KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and Clean Code.

Our global presence means that we can manage large and complex software projects that involve multiple sites, sub-suppliers, and partners on a worldwide scale. This also means that we have technology competence and expertise in all relevant platforms, such as QNX, Android, and Linux/GENIVI. Our dedicated software integration processes have resulted in proven experience in automotive integration. We have a solid track record with leading car makers like BMW, Audi, and Ford, just to name a few.


EB software integration & engineering services

Focus areas

ADAS and automated driving engineering services

Tailor-made, automotive-grade software for ADAS and automated driving.

> Environmental model

Connected car engineering services

Backend and cloud infrastructures as well as all necessary services to run, maintain, and create those infrastructures.

ECU software engineering services

Project engineers with valuable knowledge about AUTOSAR software modules and the integration of your basic software.

User experience engineering services

The know-how, tools, and teams to bring your next-generation of sleek, intuitive user interfaces on the road, such as:

> Amazon Alexa integration

> Services for Android Automotive

Comprehensive services

Verification and validation

Comprehensive services for embedded systems, automated driving, connected solutions, and user experience solutions.

Integrated software solutions

As vehicle system architectural concepts increase in complexity, EB collaborates with our automotive OEMs and supplier partners to turn visions and concepts into complete systems solutions.

Software maintenance

Maintenance, extension, tracking, and validation of customer-developed and third-party software..

Software for the automotive industry