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EB robinos Safety Monitor

Toolchain to supervise systems parameters during development

EB robinos Safety Management


For automated driving development, the same pieces of code must be implemented repeatedly. Late changes in diagnosis definitions cause additional work effort and result in high costs. EB robinos Safety Monitor provides a mass-production-ready supervision of systems parameters such as availability of system components, error tolerance, and qualification times and thereby reduces the effort for the development of diagnosis components and especially lowers the expenses for late changes.


Easy-to-use diagnosis tooling

Solves standard diagnosis tasks in a convenient way by using code generation-based tooling.

Reducing development costs

Reduces the costs of late changes within the diagnosis by using code generation and enabling quick changes with low development and testing effort.

Key features

  • Code-generation-based tool that enables the customer to easily define failure models, e.g. signal range or timeout to be checked on application level
  • Supervision of system parameters for pre- and series development
  • Easy-to-use, tool-based definition of failure models
  • Takes care of timeouts, signal ranges, jitter, CRC, and others
  • Developed as safety element out of context with ASIL-D safety level
  • Additional diagnosis tool on application level to handle the diagnosis within a specific application


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