EB tresos solution for NXP

The challenge

To utilize the peripherals of a µC it is necessary to have specific driver software available. To integrate those drivers together with an operating system and the hardware agnostic basic software, will either cost significant effort during the project execution or will cause some delays if this task is performed a software vendor.

The solution

With EB tresos Studio you can import AUTOSAR files, configure software modules, verify the consistency of configurations and generate code for software modules for an AUTOSAR-compliant software architecture such as EB tresos AutoCore.

AUTOSAR software is hardware agnostic but needs to be connected to hardware through MCAL and OS. EB tresos solution for NXP combines hardware agnostic and hardware depended parts. All integrated together with the same configuration & generation tool.

With the pre integrated software package for NXP S32, your project is ready to start right away without having any lead times or extra effort to integrate basic standard software with hardware specific drivers and operating system


Complete package including all the necessary tools available for use right away.

Basic software tailor made for a typical Classic AUTOSAR project.

Industry-leading implementation of AUTOSAR-compliant basic software developed by Elektrobit in cooperation with Renesas.

Availability of evaluation package that gives you first-hand experience of our solution.


Download the EB tresos evaluation package

Technical details

Solution for NXP

Further information on Elektrobit’s Classic AUTOSAR solutions