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EB robinos Predictor

Boosting ADAS

Drivers benefit from cars that know what is on the road ahead. EB robinos Predictor provides highly accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead for predictive driver assistance functions. Through electronic horizon-based driver assistance features, carmakers strengthen their position delivering safety and comfort while securing their way to automated driving.

EB robinos Predictor - connected electronic horizon


Comprehensive offering

EB’s offering caters to the needs of the entire automotive industry as there is a product variant for each customer segment. We offer an EB robinos Predictor either based on commercial maps or a variant based on OSM maps with self-learning algorithms for entry levels cars without onboard navigation..

Enable popular features

Electronic horizon-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) functions let you provide customers with popular features like curve-speed warnings, adaptive curve lights, traffic-sign display, range determination, lane keeping and fuel-efficient driving.

A single source saves time and money

EB robinos Predictor combines navigation and driver assistance software as well as backend capabilities and covers predevelopment as well as serial production. With this complete offering carmakers and suppliers can benefit from EB’s expertise in navigation and driver assistance.

Integrate with other systems

EB robinos Predictor supports EB’s driver assistance development platform, EB Assist ADTF, and a wide range of other driver assistance platforms from various suppliers. You can produce an electronic horizon on any navigation system and integrate map data into any ADAS electronic control unit.

EB robinos Predictor - connected electronic horizon

Key features

  • Map-based ADAS functions (commercial maps or community maps)
  • Supports latest ADASISv formats
  • ASIL B for the reconstructor
  • ADASISv3 provider based on NDS 2.5 including lane building block 3.2)
  • ADASISv2 provider based on EB internal map format
  • Digital map information and GNSS data, independent of navigation system activity
  • Complete range of electronic horizon development tools and target software modules
  • High level of accuracy due to use of multiple sources
  • Sensor information for bootstrapping maps based on machine learning technologies
  • Pre-processed ego-sensor information from the car is sent to EB’s backend using a SENSORIS interface

EB robinos Predictor demo video

This short video demonstrates how EB robinos Predictor enables ADAS functions.


EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit

EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit is a robust out-of-the-box ADASIS Provider for your R&D activities. By supporting latest map material (for ADASIS v2 and v3), using a GNSS receiver as positioning source and recording/replaying test-drives, the kit contains everything that is necessary to run EB robinos Predictor instantly within your development environment. The provided web interface (WebApp) lets you start using EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit without complex installation or configuration.

EB robinos Predictor - connected electronic horizon


EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit is a Raspberry Pi device running the EB robinos Provider (ADASIS). It can be used to evaluate the capacity and performance of EB’s electronic horizon products. This Raspberry Pi platform is equipped with all that is necessary for a demonstration ECU. Major advantages of this kit are:

  • Space-saving designs
  • Easy integration and longevity due to high robustness (hardware & software)
  • Saving time as the kit is ready for test drives
  • Independent of ADASIS version (CAN-Bus and Ethernet support)
  • Expandable: Add-on boards, e.g. inertial sensor boards, EB HD Positioning (Dead Reckoning)

Advantages of ADASIS v3

With ADASIS v3 as the standard for HAD maps the advantages are obvious:

  • Standard format for highly automated driving
  • Ethernet broadband connection
  • Supports bi-directional communication between EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit and the electronic horizon client application
  • Centimeter-accurate resolution enabling lane accurate information

EB robinos Predictor - connected electronic horizon

EB-specific features

Including EB-specific features EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit offers an extended use-case spectrum and enhanced usability.
Following a plugin concept you can implement plugins on your own without EB’s involvement. Plugin development documentation as well as implementation examples are freely available.

Supporting tactical and strategic path planning, routes to a selected destination for autonomous driving can be provided. Corresponding to the currently driven route, lane change advice for upcoming maneuvers is generated.

Find more information on our EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit infosheet.


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Integration with other EB products and services

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