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EB robinos – DNA for automated driving

A comprehensive, hardware agnostic software solution for highly automated driving systems. Control and manage the increasing complexity of HAD systems and bring them to market quickly.

EB robinos - DNA for autonomous driving

Highly automated driving (HAD) means many pieces of software and hardware need to work together seamlessly, efficiently, and safely. HAD requires creating, coordinating and combining sensors, actuators and components—with all the different parties involved (carmakers, suppliers etc.). The complexity of HAD systems is a huge challenge to the industry.

EB robinos is a software framework for automated driving that helps for overcome this challenge by controlling and managing the complexity professionally. EB robinos is an application-layer functional software architecture with open interfaces and software modules. Its holistic approach provides control and management of complex HAD systems to accelerate, enhance and optimize automated driving system development.

The functional architecture and the open interfaces enable cooperation among different parties and pave the way for future mobility. EB robinos is available for development, embedded prototyping, and for series use. With EB robinos, carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers can shift their focus from architecture effort to differentiation: bringing cars to market quickly and delighting consumers with distinctive, highly automated driving features that provide competitive advantages and strong market positions.

EB robinos is inspired by the open robinos specification which describes its architecture and interfaces. The specification is freely available. EB encourages industry companies and professionals to join this open effort to build the future of mobility.


Software framework accelerates, enhances, and optimizes highly automated driving (HAD) system development

EB robinos, the software framework for HAD, its modular approach and its open interfaces make it easy to integrate customer or third-party software. With a set of various software modules for different functionalities (e.g. grid fusion, path planning), you can optimize software re-use and develop brand-specific systems.

Upgrades and cross-grades are easy: carmakers may pick and choose the components that map to their needs, integrate their own modules, or exchange a third-party module with an EB module or with Tier1 supplier modules. This all ensures that EB robinos users benefit from freedom of choice.

Scales with customer applications and improves software quality

EB robinos is built on the concept of modularity. That means components can be added or removed based on customer need. Software component re-use minimizes HAD development time and the application and testing effort. Plus, re-using software components improves software quality.

Shortens time-to-market and ensures differentiation

With its standardized architecture and the open interfaces, EB robinos optimizes the interface specification effort. Carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers can shift their focus from architecture to differentiation by getting vehicles to market faster and delighting consumers with distinctive features that create competitive advantages.

Ready for embedded systems

EB robinos is 100% ready for embedded and safety-relevant applications. New components can be rapidly prototyped on a PC and run in an environment of AUTOSAR-tested partner components.

Provides a forward-looking end-to-end solution

EB robinos is an end-to-end solution that offers new cooperation models for the many parties involved in highly automated driving development (car makers, suppliers, third parties). It simplifies cooperation making it seamless and enables combining of automotive software and hardware.

Flexible and easy access for customers

Carmakers or Tier 1 supplier already have systems like an ACC, a Lane-Keeping Assistant, or an Emergency Brake Assistant. EB robinos can easily be integrated into any autonomous driving program, regardless of whether it already exists or is a greenfield venture. Elektrobit supports customers with the integration of their legacy subsystems into EB robinos.

Stays up-to-date by talking to the cloud

EB robinos is ready to connect to rich cloud services like EB’s sensor cloud, so cars can get the latest data, such as traffic, road hazards, or road signs—and it’s extendable! The cloud runs on a highly redundant, scalable backend cluster. This combination of EB robinos and the cloud is certified according to functional safety principles. Likewise, data protection and privacy are guaranteed.

EB robinos is DNA for automated driving

To ensure safety and efficiency, highly automated and autonomous driving requires comprehensive and complex functionality. By inheriting a basic structure—the DNA for automated driving—carmakers and suppliers can master the challenge of that complexity. It’s much easier to enable the re-use of software if you have an existing and established architecture–the DNA!

Use EB robinos as your vehicle DNA to save time and cost on HAD development.


Elektrobit EB robinos - Product Interaction Diagramm

EB robinos details

EB robinos, the comprehensive, hardware agnostic software framework for highly automated driving consists of:

  • A functional software architecture with open interfaces
  • EB robinos for development: EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF (free trial version available)
  • EB robinos for embedded prototyping and volume production
  • EB robinos software components
  • Open robinos specification: Freely available platform specification that defines modules, interfaces, and control mechanisms (free download)

EB robinos architecture

EB robinos architecture


Key features

EB robinos:

  • Is a software framework for automated driving
  • Defines an application-layer architecture for ADAS up to SAE level 5 of automated driving
  • Is hardware agnostic
  • Runs on Embedded Linux systems or integrates into AUTOSAR ECUs
  • Provides Linux software modules for state-of-the-art HAD development and use
  • Can be integrated into central ADAS ECU as well as into distributed systems of several ADAS ECU
  • Incorporates existing or new, customer or third party subsystems
  • Is available for development and prototyping in your environment or within EB Assist ADTF
  • Is an integrated approach – available from development and embedded prototyping through series production


EB robinos products

Download EB robinos

Try our comprehensive, hardware agnostic framework for highly automated driving systems.

Open robinos specification

Written version of the applied architecture and interfaces that describes the definitions of software modules, interfaces, and control mechanisms.

EB robinos Predictor

Provides highly accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead for predictive driver assistance functions.

EB robinos Positioning

Provides optimized positioning information for automated driving applications.

EB robinos Path Planning

Offers a flexible short-term and mid-term planning for highly automated driving.

EB robinos Safety Management

Provides supervision of automated driving system parameters.

EB robinos Grid Fusion

Provides a flexible environment for the development of grid-based sensor data fusion.

EB robinos Object Fusion

Provides a consistent environmental view through sensor data fusion.

EB robinos Road Fusion

Provides an accurate perception of the road through sensor data fusion.


EB robinos related products

EB tresos solution for NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX

Seamless cooperation with the AUTOSAR based EB tresos solution for NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX paves the way for developing close-to-production prototypes of highly automated driving. Get your free EB tresos evaluation license.

Driver assistance engineering services

EB robinos and driver assistance expert teams consult and support In choosing the right solution for new or existing automated driving system. EB works with you on migration strategies.

EB Assist ADTF

One platform for working with EB robinos components in the development and testing stages.

EB Assist CAR Box

High-performant and reliable automotive PC system to suit your testing and validation needs.

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