EB corbos Hypervisor

EB corbos Hypervisor provides a virtualization environment to execute multiple guest operating systems on one single CPU. These virtual machines are spatially and temporally isolated to support security-critical, safety-related and real-time applications. As the hypervisor provides a POSIX-compatible operating system kernel itself, native applications and guest operating systems can run side by side.


Saving physical space

Virtualization of multiple guest systems offers the consolidation of multiple physical ECUs into one hardware.

Higher performance

At core level, the integration of real-time and best-effort workloads is possible.

Optimized resource utilization

Controlled access to critical peripherals, e.g. the board network, crypto cores, etc.

Highest security levels

The micro-kernel concept with small trust-worthy computing base and the majority of functionality provided in non-privileged processing creates a secure software environment for applications.

EB corbos Hypervisor


Several operating systems on one processor

EB corbos Hypervisor provides one or more virtual machines on a single CPU. Each of the virtual machines can host a different operating system. A virtual machine can either run on multiple CPU cores, or multiple virtual machines can share a single core.

Micro-kernel architecture

EB corbos Hypervisor is developed as a safety element out of context (SEooC) and supports safety applications up to the highest safety level by offering a reliable execution environment and spatial freedom from interference between the virtual machines.

Hardware virtualization

EB corbos Hypervisor uses available hardware virtualization features to provide a native environment to the guest operating system.

Inter-virtual-machine communication

EB corbos Hypervisor offers multiple communication services for inter-virtual-machine communication.

EB corbos Hypervisor_A

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