EB zoneo VSwitch

virtual automotive ethernet switch

Connecting virtual machines to automotive Ethernet

EB zoneo VSwitch is a virtualization module that mimics switch functionalities to provide fast and reliable communication between virtual machines (VM) and Ethernet networks. It helps the network communication to operate in an efficient and optimized way.

EB zoneo VSwitch provides communication:

  • Between VMs within the ECUs or HPC &
  • Between VMs and the Ethernet network

EB zoneo VSwitch supports:

  • VMs using Classic AUTOSAR &
  • VMs using Adaptive AUTOSAR (Linux)

Reduce software complexity

EB zoneo VSwitch tackles the challenge of increased software complexity with hardware virtualization.

Short development cycles

Our virtual automotive ethernet switch solution has virtually unlimited number of connectors for VMs. Additional VMs can be added later. The connecting interface drivers are available for Linux, Android, and Classic AUTOSAR. Interoperability saves porting effort.

Key features

EB zoneo VSwitch provides

  • Quality of Service (QoS) (Tx/Rx) and TimeSync
  • Performance-optimized data path and deterministic forwarding delay
  • Safety (Freedom from Interference) and Security (protection of the Ethernet Communication)

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