AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and tool developers. Its main goal is to introduce a standardized layer between application software and the hardware of an electronic control unit (ECU). Thus, the software is largely independent from any chosen microcontroller and carmaker, making it reusable for several individual ECU systems.


  • Paves the way for innovative electronic systems that further improve performance, safety and environmental friendliness
  • Is a strong global partnership that creates one common standard: “Cooperate on standards, compete on implementation”
  • Is a key enabling technology to manage growing electrical/electronic complexity. It aims to be prepared for the upcoming technologies and to improve cost-efficiency without making any compromise with respect to quality
  • Facilitates the exchange and update of software and hardware over the service life of the vehicle

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Elektrobit and AUTOSAR

EB is AUTOSAR premium member right from the start. We have been involved in the development of basic software and tools for the automotive industry for more than 15 years. From the very beginning we focused on the consistent partitioning of software into hardware-dependent and hardware-independent components, so we can truly say that AUTOSAR is in our blood, and we are convinced it is the answer to the challenges that the automotive sector faces.

EB’s software and solutions for electronic control units (ECU) are conform to the latest AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform standards. With our EB tresos software product line, we provide an AUTOSAR 4.x-compliant basic software solution that helps our customers develop the next generation of ECUs. With the EB tresos product line and the AUTOSAR Classic Platform we deliver new, powerful, innovative technologies to the automotive industry, in a familiar and reliable development environment.

As part of the EB corbos software product line, EB provides leading-edge technologies which are compliant with the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. With the EB corbos product line, EB provides a middle ware for high-performance computing (HPC) platforms, to execute applications which comply to the latest AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform standard.

Our goal is to help the automotive industry be successful in developing the next generation of smart, scalable, reusable, and reliable ECUs and HPCs. Our solution enables you to start AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform series production projects for car makers like BMW, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors, Groupe PSA, Jaguar Land Rover, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Volkswagen Group, Volvo, and Weltmeister Motor, to name a few.

Elektrobit AUTOSAR Products and Solutions

EB’s AUTOSAR products

EB tresos product line for Classic AUTOSAR

State-of-the-art ECU software encompassing: basic software, operating systems, configuration tooling, functional safety, as well as solutions for testing the software.

EB corbos product line for Adaptive AUTOSAR

Bring Adaptive AUTOSAR on the road: EB corbos includes basic software, hypervisor, configuration tooling, and a high-performance operating system; all working together perfectly.

Functional safety

For a safe AUTOSAR environment according to ISO26262 up to ASIL D.

Embedded security

ASIL software requires a safe execution environment to enable safe ECUs. There is no safety without security, and vice versa.

Software for the automotive industry