EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications

EB corbos Linux for automotive

EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications

Introducing Elektrobit’s exclusive hypervisor-based safety extension, enabling the first and only Linux OS solution to comply with ASIL B/SIL 2 safety requirements.

Empowering your software-defined mobility project with EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications provides a resilient and feature-rich platform, ensuring longevity in automotive safety.


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EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications – Bridging the gap between rapidly evolving open-source software and automotive industry requirements with a qualified, reliable, and well-maintained solution.

Safety in numbers


GitHub repositories tagged with “Linux”


Canonical Ubuntu users worldwide


Active contributors in the Linux Foundation


Companies trusting Linux, including SpaceX, NASA, and ESA

Solution overview


An extension of EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu, EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications provides a strong foundation to accelerate your software application development and alleviate concerns in using open-source software.

  • Fast project start up
  • Fast development
  • Fast innovation cycles


Safety compliant open-source HPC operating system meeting ASIL B/ SIL 2 safety requirements*

*Positive technical assessment feasibility report from TÛV Nord

15 years of security and software maintenance

Immediate defect notification aligns with Elektrobit’s commitment to industry security practices

Streamlined development process for improved time and cost efficiency

Remove entry barriers with a seamless pre-development phase at no cost, accelerating your project timeline

How it works

EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications brings safety monitoring to an advanced level. Our solution employs an external monitoring component hosted in a hypervisor environment, leveraging modern Arm architecture features to intercept and validate kernel actions for system-wide safety assurance.

EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications

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