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Vehicle HPC Software Platform

EB xelor –
your foundation for innovation

All-in-one software platform for creating next-gen HPC architectures

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Focus on what makes you successful, and let EB xelor manage the rest

EB xelor is an all-in-one vehicle HPC software platform for creating next-generation automotive electronics architectures based on high-performance computers (HPCs). Combining leading Elektrobit products, third-party software, and open-source components, EB xelor is a complete foundation that allows you to manage complex projects, enhances software innovation and differentiation, and accelerates your time to market.


Save time and money

EB xelor is a ready-to-use HPC development platform that can host your applications from day one. Combining leading automotive software products with thousands of hours of project experience, EB xelor is a pre-integrated system that can reduce your HPC engineering efforts by up to 30%.

A lifetime of value

EB xelor provides automotive-grade security and stability over the long term, combining more than 30 years of Elektrobit’s software development with the latest technologies. EB xelor includes a continuous stream of updates, security maintenance, and new features from Elektrobit’s products – allowing you to reuse and scale existing software over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Focus on innovation and differentiation

In the rapid transition to intelligent and connected vehicles, software differentiation is critical to maximizing ROI. EB xelor provides everything you need to develop secure, stable, and upgradable software stacks for next-generation HPCs, allowing you to spend less time on infrastructure – and more time on innovation.

The flexibility you need to
create next-gen HPCs

Vehicle architectures are evolving from complex networks of individual electronic control units (ECUs) to a handful of ultra-powerful HPCs. EB xelor enables you to decouple hardware and software, which reduces the complexity of future vehicle designs, simplifies integration efforts, and improves flexibility.

A wealth of knowledge,
without additional payroll

EB xelor replaces expensive in-house software development with a scalable platform optimized and pre-configured for all SoC and HPC use cases. EB xelor is an integrated, ready-to-use product that manages all your non-differentiating software requirements – and lets you focus on what makes you successful.

Ongoing support from an
industry leader

With EB xelor, you’re backed by a global partner that has already powered over one billion devices in 100 million vehicles. EB xelor includes our industry-leading product support, updates, and ongoing technical assistance for your complete peace of mind.





EB xelor combines more than 30 years of our automotive software development success into a single vehicle HPC software platform

Vehicle HPC Software Platform EB Xelor

Key features

  • Optimized for new HPC environments using next-gen system-on-chip (SoC) devices such as NXP S32G and Renesas R-Car H3.
  • Includes extra tools and services to automate builds and facilitate integration
  • Contains advanced third-party software from Renesas and NXP
  • Automotive-grade security and stability over the lifetime of a vehicle via continuous updates and validated integrations
  • Capable of a broad range of system configurations to fulfill complex HPC requirements
  • Enables ongoing software reusability, interoperability, and scalability
  • Adaptable to different use cases including body controllers, UX systems, and ADAS

Products included

Vehicle HPC Software Platform Product

EB tresos

Classic AUTOSAR basic software, operating systems, and a tailor-made tool environment.

EB corbos AdaptiveCore

A complete software base for safe and secure high-performance controllers, providing a holistic software framework according to the new Adaptive AUTOSAR platform.

EB corbos Hypervisor

A virtualization environment to execute multiple guest operating systems on a single CPU. Virtual machines are spatially and temporally isolated to support security-critical, safety-related, and real-time applications.

EB corbos Linux

A container-based Linux distribution for the automotive industry that solves the challenges of dependency management between diverse applications, offers variability for customer extensions, and enables efficient long-term maintainability.

Further information on Elektrobit’s ECU software solutions based on AUTOSAR

Vehicle HPC Software Platform Success Story

Success story: The new Volkswagen ID.3

The ID.3 is VW’s first all-electric vehicle and features next-generation architectures driven by a small number of powerful HPCs.

VW utilizes several key software packages from Elektrobit’s product line, many of which have now been upgraded and combined into EB xelor as a vehicle HPC software platform. Elektrobit software has contributed to VW’s development of several ECUs within the ID.3, including the ICAS1 body controller and gateway, ICAS3 infotainment, OCU4 on-board communication unit, and transceiver module.


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