Open-source operating systems

Open-source operating systems

Embracing an open-source approach is increasingly vital within the automotive ecosystem, serving as a cornerstone for both innovation and collaboration throughout the industry.

EB corbos Linux is bridging the gap between rapidly evolving open-source software and strict automotive industry requirements, providing you the essential software platforms to build your foundational and future-proof software-defined mobility solutions.

Automotive snapshot

Extended product longevity. Long lifecycles. The average age of vehicles on American roads reached an unprecedented 12.1 years in 2021.

Overcoming storage and memory challenges. Confronting limitations, the average infotainment system grapples 32GB of storage and 2-4GB of RAM, further emphasizing the need for advanced solutions.

Precision in code modification. Facing financial implications, a single recall costs around $1.3 million. Implementing targeted code changes is paramount to mitigating these high-stakes challenges.

Open-source software snapshot

Short lifecycles. GitHub repositories exhibit short lifespans, averaging around 1.6 years.

Swift innovation. The pace of innovation in open-source software is rapid, with thousands of daily releases for new projects and updates. As of 2021, GitHub hosts over 200 million repositories.

Upgrade-focused solutions. Open-source software projects prioritize fixing issues and introducing features through regular upgrades rather than incremental updates, ensuring efficient problem-solving.

Our solutions

EB corbos Linux built on Ubuntu and EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications offer robust security features and up to 15 years of maintenance. In addition EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications is in full compliance with ISO 26262 Safety Element out of Context, empowering your adoption of innovation without compromise.

Explore how EB corbos Linux is redefining the possibilities of open-source software across the automotive industry.

Our open-source synergy

Elektrobit Linux in 7.7 M cars

As seen in “Global Mobility EE Architecture Platform Forecast November 2023,” combination of manufactured and forecasted

10 years of open source 

From collaborations with Android and Google, to contributions to the Eclipse SDV foundation

Open-source initiatives

Contributing member of Eclipse, Automotive Grade Linux, SOAFEE, and ELISA

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